Strut Your Mutt NJ

I’m Janine from Strut Your Mutt. Strut Your Mutt is licensed, bonded and insured. I offer pet-sitting, dog-walking, and care for any pet who needs it.

xmas 057

I adopted two old rescue doggies because I am tired of people who talk, without doing. I am tired of hearing Sarah McLachlan sing about the plight of homeless pets.

I volunteer at Father John’s Animal Rescue, in Lafayette, where I adopted my Puggle.  1113111941b.jpg

I drive for pet rescues.  Last time, I drove a 10-week-old Pit Bull puppy from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island.

As a Diabetic, I am particularly good with administering medication, via a syringe or orally.

I will take care of your pets as if they are my own.  I prefer animals to most people on most days.

I walk, care for, play with, feed, and love your pet. After a visit, I inform you of your animal’s behavior, foods, playtime, and health via text or email.

201 841 1171 Give me a call. Or feel free to email me anytime


4 thoughts on “Strut Your Mutt NJ

  1. Hi Janine! My dog is my heart and I would trust Janine to care for Chihuahua “J.C.” anytime! If you met her you too would see that her loving character speaks for itself! ❤

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